Tuesday, May 26, 2015

College Graduate Here...

Hello, friends!  How is everyone?!

I'm great, thanks for asking! ;)

Well, folks.... I've officially graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts degree!  This happened May 16th and I could not be more excited!  Life has been a whirlwind as of late.  I graduated and moved back to Kansas City in a flood all in the same day.  Boy, was that a rain storm to remember...  I was driving and could feel water splashing up on my feet through the gas pedal.  I know, I know... You should never drive through standing water but I literally could not see the road because the rain was coming down in sheets and my windshield wipers couldn't keep up.  It was a ride full of prayers and Hail Marys but we made it!

Speaking of moving, yes, I did move back in with my parents.  Here's my take on it: Yes, it's not ideal BUT they live in KC (where I was looking for jobs) and will let me live and eat there FOR FREE.  Why would I not live there considering I am a poor college student with loans to pay off?!  A couple of weeks ago, I entertained moving in an apartment in downtown KC with a good friend but then decided it was not a responsible decision.  Would it be fun?  You better believe it!  Was I ready financially?  No.  But my time will come and when it does, I will fully embrace the opportunity to live on my own and be financially independent.

In addition to graduating and moving, I accepted a job last Friday!  It isn't technically official due to pending background checks (holding my breath on this one... I kid!) but I am so thrilled!  I start next Monday!  I'll update more upon starting.

So there you have it, a small rundown of my life for the last month or so.  I am so grateful everything fell into place.  I knew it would but when you spend five months looking for a job, sometimes you can have some doubts.  I'm blessed, y'all!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Elle's Paper Shoppe

Hello, friends!

This past December I decided to follow a passion I've had since high school!  My specific love is creating invitations and personalized cards through graphic design.  I opened an Etsy shop and would love to share it with y'all!

I will create a tab at the top of my blog with my portfolio.  In addition to the invitations listed in my shop, I also do custom invitations!  I love taking my client's ideas and make them into reality.  You can find that listing in my shop as well.  You purchase the listing and we will discuss your ideas via email.   It's that easy!

The best part?!  I'm offering a 10% off coupon to all of my readers!  Enter the code BLOG10 at checkout and you will receive 10% off of your order.  The coupon code expires 5/21/15 so get to shopping!

Let me know if you have any questions or have some ideas you'd like to see!  I love hearing from my customers. :)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Is Anyone Still There!?!?!

Hi!  Where do I even start?!  I've been gone for a whole year...  I've neglected this little ole' blog and I really do miss it!  So much has happened since we've last talked!  First of all, I am a freakin' SENIOR IN COLLEGE & GRADUATING IN MAY!  That's crazy man...  I started blogging when I was a freshman and now I'm here!  For those of you who may be new here... I am studying Mass Media - Public Relations.  My long-term goal is to own my own wedding planning business but upon graduation, I will look for jobs in the PR field to start out.

Also, I have started my own little Etsy business!  I will go into more detail in another post but basically I started a couple of weeks ago after creating baby shower invitations for my best friend.  I decided that since I love creating invitations so much, I should start up a business!  I am still in the very, very beginning stages but I am thoroughly enjoying it and looking forward to what it has to offer!

Let's see...  So much else has happened but I would be here for years talking about it.  I'm just going to pick up from here and call it good.  Okay?  OKAY!

Hope y'all had a merry Christmas filled with food, family, and love.  I'm looking forward to sharing this little ole' blog with y'all!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hello There...

Hi friends!  I've neglected this little old blog and I'm okay with that but I miss this place!  This semester has been a rough one.  I lost my precious grandmother on Halloween, which has been a long time coming.  I miss her dearly but I know she is in heaven and pain free.

School has been difficult this semester too.  I think I have junior-itis.  The thought of school disgusts me and I am lacking any motivation whatsoever.  But there is a light at the end of the tunnel because after this Friday I am DONE for almost a month and a half.  It will be glorious!  Oh and did I mention that I turn 21 over winter break?!  Hellz yeah!

Well, I just wanted to stop in and say hi...  I have been keeping up with y'alls blogs so don't think I've totally abandoned everything but hopefully I'll be able to get back onto a regular blogging routine!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

End Of Summer $100 Walmart Giveaway

Welcome to the "End of Summer Giveaway Event" sponsored by Tip Hero and featuring some wonderful bloggers. With summer soon drawing to a close (unfortunately), we thought a great big giveaway event would be the perfect pick-me-up!

There are some great opportunities to score deals at the end of the summer. One lucky winner will win a $100 Walmart gift card to potentially use while shopping those end of the season sales. This giveaway begins on August 15th and will run until August 29th at 11:59pm US Eastern time. It will be open to residents of the US only, 18+. Use the PromoSimple form below to enter, and make sure that you take advantage of the many entries you can gain. Also, be sure to come back daily for more chances to win. Best of luck!

$100 Walmart Gift Card

Disclosure: Elle is not responsible for prize distribution. If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to kira@tiphero.com. All entries are optional, but if the winner task is a task that you did not complete, a second winner will be chosen. Winners will be notified via email. If a winner does not respond within 48 hours of the time when the email is sent, another winner will be chosen.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

$100 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway!

Hey y'all!  Long time, no talk!  I'm still alive and enjoying my last few moments of summer.  But I am oh so excited to move back to school and see all of my Alpha Phi sisters!

Anyways... I am just letting y'all know about this fabulous $100 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway.  I know I could use the extra money for school supplies and such!  It will run from August 15th - August 29th.  Participants must be 18 or older and live in the U.S.

Good luck to everyone!  I will be updating soon, I promise!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How To: Wooden Glitter Monogram

Y'all, this is one of my favorite DIY projects I have ever done.  It was easy, inexpensive, and SO DANG ADORABLE!  I recently posted about my newest shopping addiction, Very Jane, and this is where I found the wooden monogram.

I looked all over Pinterest to find a tutorial but everything I found was on Etsy and it was already made.  I had the basic idea on how to do it but I decided to message one of the Etsy sellers and Inscribed Monograms graciously gave me some great tips!


-Unfinished Wooden Monogram (Mine was 12 in. but you can use any size)
Like I said, I purchased mine from Very Jane but the deal is over.  I have seen them on their site since but I am sure you can easily buy this online somewhere.
-1 Can of White Spray Paint (or any other color. It will be visible on the sides)
-Mod Podge
-Extra Fine Glitter (My color was called Raspberry and the brand was Recollections)
Michael's had so many more options than Hobby Lobby for colors. I was told that Martha Stewart brand was good too.
-Clear Enamel
-Paint Brush

The directions are below.  I have taken a pictures of the steps and you can find them following the directions.
  1. Spray your monogram with the spray paint.  The spray paint will only show on the sides of the monogram so make sure the sides are well covered.  I only needed to do two coats without sanding.  There were little pieces of wood on the edges that I just picked off.
  2. Once the spray paint is dried, paint the mod podge on the top of the monogram.  I did this in sections or else the mod podge will dry before you can apply the glitter.
  3. Pour an ample amount of glitter on the section of mod podge.  You can immediately knock the loose glitter off.
  4. Continue until the entire monogram is covered in glitter.  You will have to go back and touch up the spots where the glitter didn't stick to the mod podge.
  5. Let dry for 24 hours.
  6. Spray with the clear enamel.  This sets the glitter so any loose pieces don't fall off.  I sprayed the sides as well.
  7. Find a cute ribbon and tie a loop around the top and hang with a nail on the wall!
This is the wooden monogram before I spray painted it.

I did the mod podge and glitter in sections.
This is the spray enamel I used.
The finished product!  The ribbon I found is perfect to hang it up!
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or comment on this post.  I will do my best to help you!  Also, if you decide to try it out, send me a link to your finished product!  I would love to post it on this post!  Good luck. :)
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